Free Movies? Yes, please!

by Liliane on January 1, 2013

moviesWho doesn’t like going to the movies?  How about for free?  Here are a few promotions to get you on your way to see the next blockbuster for free.

Scene card: Every time you buy a movie ticket, you accumulate points towards a free movie. Once you hit 1,000 points, you get a free movie.  Plus, you get 10% off concessions when you show your card.  There are all sorts of different ways to earn more points, and you can earn points faster if you have a Scotiabank card or Visa.  You earn 100 points per purchase of an adult admission and 50 points per child admission (with a maximum of 100 points per day)  This program is only applicable to Cineplex Entertainment theatres.  Sign up today and check out all the perks!  Joining is free.

M&M Mars Canada promo: Collect 8 specially marked packages of M&M’s or Maltesers Stand-up pouches (162g-400g) and/or peg packs (100g-120g) and send a self-addressed stamped envelope to receive two adult movie tickets to either Empire theaters or Cineplex Odeon theaters.  Hurry though, this promotion ends on January 30, 2013 and pouch tops must be received by February 15, 2013.  Limit of 3 requests per household, but then again, who can eat that much chocolate? ;)

Energizer promo: Purchase any specially marked package of Energizer MAX AA12, AA16, AAA10, AAA12, Advanced Alkaline AA8 and AAA4, Advanced Lithium AA4 and Advanced Lithium AAA2 to obtain a unique reward code. Visit www.energizer.ca/movie and enter your unique reward code and personal information (including your email address) to receive a certificate valid up for an admission worth up to $14.  This offer ends on September 30, 2013.  Look for sales on Energizer batteries to take advantage of this great offer at a great price.

Know of any other movie promotions?  If so, please leave a comment and I will update this post.